Friday, March 2, 2012

Is Auto Dealership Liable for Race Discrimination

Two African American males who are employed by Verizon visited an automobile dealership.  These employees were interested in looking at the luxury cars on the lot. They spent some time talking to a sales person.  They were interested in one of the cars and one of the men offered his driver’s licenses to the sales person.  The sales person left to retrieve the keys to the car.  Upon the sales person’s return, he told the men that his sales manager would not let them test drive the car until the dealership ran a credit report on Plaintiffs.  The sales person told the men that this was dealership’s policy. The men were not happy with this treatment and they left the dealership without test driving car.
The two men later shared their story with co-worker who is Caucasian.  Subsequently, the friend went to the dealership.  On his visit to the dealership, the friend asked to test drive the same vehicle as the two African American men.  The salesman allowed the friend to test drive the vehicle without running a credit check.
The friend then shared his experience with the two African American men.  Having heard his story, the two men filed a race discrimination law suit against the dealership.
Do you think the African American men have a discrimination case?  If so, what is the case worth?

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  1. Oh really that sales person made a big mistake to do that kind of thing because its not good for as a human being.I think the African American men have a discrimination case.I run my own business and I never did like this with overseas people because I think that they have hearts like me and I learned this thing from my friend who also has a business of auto license with the name is my auto license you can see this my auto license