Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Former Parking Employee Brings Discrimination Claims Against USF

Constantine “Gus” Mellon worked for USF for over a year as a Parking Enforcement Specialist. His initial supervisor, Frank Wassenberg, gave him a very favorable evaluation. After Mr. Wassenberg moved to a different department, Mr. Mellon’s new supervisor, Manuel Bermudez made life difficult for him. Ultimately, USF terminated Mr. Mellon for not writing enough citations. Mr. Mellon is claiming wrongful termination and has filed a grievance with the University. More recently, Mr. Mellon has filed a Charge of Discrimination for age and disability discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Details regarding Mr. Mellon’s case can be found in the following article published in the USF Oracle:

A former USF parking enforcement specialist who issued 30 to 40 citations per day for the Division of Public Safety may have gotten fired earlier this year because the department wanted him to give out more.

Constantine Mellon said he filed a grievance against the University shortly after he was terminated in June for non-productivity.

Last week, Mellon filed a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

He said he was terminated for not issuing enough parking citations even though there is no existing quota that specialists have to reach.

Mellon, who had worked for Public Safety since January 2009, hired Richard Bradford, a lawyer of Bradford and Bradford law firms, to argue his case.

"From the very beginning, his supervisor had singled him out and made life difficult for him," Bradford said. "For one reason or another, (Bermudez) didn't like (Mellon)."

He said the charge of discrimination filed with EEOC could take up to six month to a year to be processed before the case could go to court.

"The discrimination claim is pending," Bradford said. "The EEOC doesn't move very fast. Things can get resolved before that. The EEOC may ask the party to go to mediation, and I would encourage Mr. Mellon to pursue that option if USF agrees."
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