Friday, April 16, 2010

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Age Discrimination Lawsuit Filed in Manatee County

I filed an age discrimination lawsuit on behalf of a classroom teacher who was forced to resign from the Manatee County School Board. Within a week, I was contacted by a reporter who wanted me to discuss the age discrimination law and how it applies to my client’s case. I am normally open to talk on the telephone, but I was in the middle of an important project, and told the reporter I had to wait for a day or two to talk. The reporter could not wait (probably he wanted to get the story printed before the competition) and indicated that he would state that he talked to me and I said “no comment.” Below are excerpts and links to the stories that appeared in the Sarasota and Bradenton papers.

Teacher says she was forced to resign

MANATEE COUNTY - A former Anna MariaElementary School teacher says in an age-discrimination lawsuit that the principal forced her to resign and replaced her with a much younger, lower-paid teacher.

Catherine Boesen, 59, says that principal Thomas Levengood decided to remove her as a classroom teacher in 2008, and tried to convince parents and other school employees that she was incompetent at her job.

Levengood put her on a 90-day probation, then told her to resign or risk the revocation of her teacher's certification, according to the lawsuit filed this month.

"Against her will, plaintiff submitted her letter of resignation" in June 2008, the lawsuit states. . . .


Former Manatee teacher sues school board, principal

BRADENTON — A former Anna Maria Elementary School teacher is suing the Manatee County School board for reportedly forcing her to retire, then replacing her with a much younger teacher.

Catherine Boesen, 59, in an age discrimination suit filed this week at the Manatee County courthouse, claims that during the 2007-08 school year, Principal Tom Levengood decided he would remove her from her second-grade teaching position in an effort to fulfill budget cuts.


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